Quippings Herstory/History/Cripstory

The name Quippings comes from the fusion between ‘Queer’ and ‘Crip’ with an obviously literary twist - penned by Hares and Hyenas impresario Crusader Hillis in 2010, with Greg Axtens and Kath Duncan. Quippings was born when Greg approached Crusader about establishing a queer and disabled activist group to fight for access to sex on premises venues, sex shops, parties, and clubs among other sexual freedom sites and issues. They drew Kath in and between them decided performance made sex rights activism focussed and fun.

The first Quippings show kicked off in early 2011 at the Midsumma literary fest known as Word is Out. 20 plus shows later, in 2017, the Quippings crew has now worked with over 50 performers and performed to 1000+ audience members.

In 2014 we become ‘Quippings: Disability Unleashed’ to highlight that our shows are about ‘unleashing’ or challenging/changing perceptions of disability especially with regard to the sensual life.